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What is the entry fee get into any of the festivals?

We are open-air, free, family-friendly festivals. There may be nominal fee to participate in certain contests and events but participation is at your discretion.


What should I know before I head out to any of the festivals?

For the safetly of our patrons Festivals has instituted the following policies:

  • NO PETS - see more information below. 

  • In compliance with the State Health Department, no non-Festival food, alcohol and other drinks are permitted within the Festival grounds.

  • Be respectful of the artisans showcasing their original works, no photography of Fine Arts and Crafts without permission.

  • Strollers are permitted but you should be aware that you may be presented with challenges when navigating through the huge crowds and the grassy park area.  The only exception to this is at Winter Festival where the obstacles may be much less or do not apply.

  • The events are handicapped accessible and there is handicap parking but we do not have wheelchair rental available.

  • Alcoholic beverages are served only to those 21 years of age or older.  No carry-ins are allowed.


Can I bring my pet(s) to the festivals?

We do not allow pets within the festival footprint at Strawberry Festival, Wine & Harvest Festival and Oktoberfest.  In accordance with the State Health Code and City of Cedarburg Ordinance 2016-06, Section 7-14-1(c)(7), Festivals has a "No Pets Permitted" policy.  You can be ticketed by the police if you are in violation.  The only exception to this pet policy is that we allow pets at Winter Festival but not inside the buildings.  

I would like to vend at your event, how do I go about doing that?

We accept various vendors from resellers to artists, who have quality products, at all of our events.  Each year, all vendors/artists must be juried into our festivals.  Jury applications for each festival are available online under "I'm an artist," or "I'd like to be a vendor," depending on the festival. Please go to festival you're interested in, click on the appropriate application and follow the instructions for completion.


How is the festival footprint structured at Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival?

The Festival footprint encompasses Washington Avenue from Bridge Road to Western Avenue and includes Mill St., Turner St., Columbia Ave., and Cleveland Road. Washington Avenue is restricted to three types of vendors:  Cedarburg Merchants (who have store frontage on Washington Ave.), Artists (who handmake 100% of their products), and Festival Sponsors.  There are also a few non-profit organizations as well.  All other vendors with the exception of Food Vendors are restricted to Mill St., Turner St., and Cleveland Street. Food vendors are placed in the Community Center parking lot.


How can I help?

Festivals of Cedarburg, Inc. is always looking for volunteers to help at our events.  Please click HERE to complete the form and we will contact you will upcoming volunteer opportunities. 


Where can I find more information about activities once I'm at a festival?

Stop by an Information Booth to pick up the official Festival Schedule of Events. Information booths are usually located at the main entrance to the festivals at Bridge St. and Washington Avenue and at Mill St. and Washington Avenue. Schedules are also available at the stores throughout Cedarburg.


Where is handicapped parking?  

At Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival, limited handicap parking is available on Hanover Avenue at Mill St. and on Bridge Road at St. John.  Street parking around the festival is free and the two-hour parking limit is lifted during festival weekends so that is available as well.


At Winter Festival and Oktoberfest the streets are not closed so street parking is available as are any handicap spots that are there daily.  The two-hour parking limit is lifted on festival weekends.


Who benefits from the money that the Festival organization makes at a festival?

Festivals of Cedarburg, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, is responsible for the infrastructure of each festival and after we have paid for all of our expenses and the Festivals' financial cushion is assured, any profits made by Festivals benefits partnerships with local non-profits & groups. 


If we're coming from out of town where can we find a place to stay?

The hotel and B&Bs fill up quickly so make reservations early.  Go to our Lodging page.

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