Community Grant Program



In June, 2003, 501(c)3 status was awarded to Festivals of Cedarburg, Inc. a permanent rainy-day reserve was then established to offer continued support for festivals in the event of an unforeseen financial downturn. Each year, festival income over and above that amount may be dispersed by the Festivals of Cedarburg board of directors in grant funding to worthy groups and programs.  Since 2003, Festivals has given over $180,000 in grants.


The Festivals of Cedarburg, Inc. grant program has long been a goal of the Festivals committee. Funding for grants will fluctuate each fiscal year depending on the bottom-line financial needs to support fixed costs for all Cedarburg Festivals: Winter Festival, Strawberry Festival, Wine & Harvest Festival and Oktoberfest.  The excess funds generated by Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival are used to help underwrite Winter Festival and Oktoberfest.


Festivals Executive Board member Jim Pape, said, “We’d like to fund tourism-related projects as well as projects which foster an art education interest in Cedarburg that is in keeping with our mission statement and bylaws of Festivals”.  If surplus festival funds exist, grants will be awarded each year to appropriate grant applicants. The Board of Directors of Festivals of Cedarburg, following discussion by Festival committee members, will consider all applications.


Some past grant recipients have been:  Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Cedarburg Artist Guild, Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce, Cedarburg Merchant's Organization, Cedar Creek Settlement Merchant's Association, Tourism, Promotion & Development, Cedarburg Parks & Recreation, North Shore Academy of the Arts, Cedarburg Cultural Center and many more.


If you are interested in applying for a grant, please CLICK HERE for the current grant application.  Please be sure to fill it out in it's entirety as an incomplete form or missing information could result in your application not being considered.