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Festivals of Cedarburg is proud to host its annual Festivals held in the streets of historic downtown Cedarburg, WI. Festivals welcome more than 250,000 attendees and visitors annually and over 300 artists/vendors participating in each Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival!


Strawberry Festival, June 22-23rd

Wine & Harvest Festival, September 21-22nd

Food Trucks & Vendors

Please note that there are two locations available for this application- Food Court and Cedar Creek Park. There are only 14 spots available in the Food Court. 

VENDORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL LEMONADE - We partner with local non-profits to sell lemonade.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF VENDORS IN THE FOOD COURT (this is a non-compete rule for the permanent businesses in Cedarburg)Pizza, hot dogs/brats, roasted corn, burgers, ice cream, coffee, popcorn, baked goods, donuts, candy/chocolate, boba tea. If you are a vendor of these items please apply to be in Cedar Creek Park.


There is also Strawberry Alley in which 50% of your offerings have to be strawberry - if interested please apply on the VENDOR application in the drop down menu.


This is the only application for both 2024 festivals (Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival). There will not be another application later in the year!

  • $20 jury fee single festival application for Strawberry Festival or single application for Wine & Harvest Festival

  • $35 if you apply for BOTH Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival.

  • Vendor fees vary depending on if you have a truck or a tent and location. Electricity is limited and will be provided on request, in a first come order. Cost is based on type of outlets needed.

  • Direct water hookup is not available. Water is available for filling containers.

  • Vendors must provide accurate truck dimensions in their application. See example photo:




  • Food trucks and Vendors must set-up on the Friday of the festival weekend. You will be assigned a timed entry for Food Court (6am-9am). If you are not able to set-up during your assigned time frame you could be assigned an alternative location. Vendors must be present every day of the Festivals, and must be fully set up at least one hour before the Festivals start at 10am and must vend up until the predestined end times each day.


Jan. 1st - Applications for artists, vendors, food vendors, entertainers are available online


March 15 - Jury  application deadline for Strawberry Festival and/or dual applicants (for both Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival)

March 22 - Notification of acceptance or rejection deadline for all Strawberry Festival only and dual applicants to both Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival

May 1 - Strawberry Festival contracts with booth payment and all forms due


May 15 - Strawberry Festival waitlist applicants notified 

May 24 - Strawberry Fest waitlist contracts due

June 1 - Jury application deadline for Wine & Harvest Festival only

Approx. June 3rd vendor tags mailed, load-in information emailed

June 15 - Notification of acceptance or rejection for Wine & Harvest Festival ONLY applicants

July 15 - Wine & Harvest Festival contracts with booth payment and all forms due


July 22 - Wine & Harvest Festival waitlist applicants notified

August 1 - Wine and Harvest contracts with booth payment and forms due

Pricing Guidelines

  • Vendors are permitted to sell items with all profits benefiting the vendor. We recommend that price points generally stay reasonable for the community.



  • You are solely responsible for complying with all safety, health, and fire code requirements. You must have a fire extinguisher at your location if you are dealing with any electronic, cooking, or grilling equipment.

Indemnification and Insurance

  • You are solely responsible for any injuries, accidents, or losses which may be sustained as a result of your vending operations at the Festivals. The Festivals of Cedarburg, nor the City of Cedarburg shall have no responsibility for any accident or injury caused by your activities. 

We require a minimum of 300K insurance for your booth, you can check your home owner or renters insurance or you can get affordable temporary insurance:

Applicants who are accepted into the festivals are required to provide a completed Wisconsin Temporary Sales form and proof of event insurance with minimum coverage of $300,000. A SSN or FEIN is required of all participating applicants in compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Temporary Events Program. Vendors not conforming to Wisconsin Department of Revenue regulations may not exhibit. Contracts cannot be processed until all required materials (contract, booth fee, tax form, proof of insurance, code of conduct) are received. 


The team works hard to ensure that there are diverse food and vendor options so that there is limited competition within this space; however, we do not guarantee exclusivity. You will be assigned a space based upon the judgment of the Festival and no locations are guaranteed.  We will certainly do our best to provide you with a convenient and suitable space for the sale of your products.


Alcohol sales are not permitted at the event. You are responsible for the behavior of your employees, and all vendors must conduct themselves in a courteous and polite manner. All participants in our festivals are required to sign a Code of Conduct. Our image is important to us, and by following these simple procedures, you will benefit.


All vending materials must be removed from the parking lot and interior spaces at the close of business every day. Your assigned space should be free of trash and debris at all times. Trash is to be disposed into dumpsters (behind City Hall) only.  You are responsible for removing all debris and cooking materials from the site. Vendors will dispose of cooking grease appropriately. Upon leaving your space, there should be no signs of you being there (grease marks, trash, residue, etc.).


The Festivals of Cedarburg shall not be responsible for any stolen, lost, or damaged items of equipment or personal belongings. You shall be solely responsible for the protection and safeguarding of valuables and release those previously listed from any losses or damage to your property. Please handle your affairs as you deem appropriate with respect to protecting your equipment and belongings. If you choose to leave your food truck or vendor equipment in the designated areas, you do so at your own risk. We do not offer security.

FESTIVALS OF CEDARBURG is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization who's mission is to work toward sustaining a vital and healthy business and retail community by showcasing the city’s attributes, encouraging tourism and fostering civic, cultural and educational interests.

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