June 25-26, 2022

Strawberry Festival Vendors Applications

Thank you for considering to apply to the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival. 

Please read all information carefully, failure to completely and correctly fill out your application will result in your not being considered for the event. DO NOT SEND YOUR INFORMATION VIA EMAIL.  WE WILL NOT OPEN OR CONSIDER.


Festivals of Cedarburg organizes several of the largest two-day events in Ozaukee County.  With over 250 vendor booths and attendance of over 90,000 at our largest festival, our rapidly growing family festivals have become the area's most exciting and anticipated events.


We welcome vendors that offer quality and relevant products.  All vendors are juried into our events and Festivals reserves the right to reject any products that directly compete with our Cedarburg Merchants or that we feel are not appropriate for the integrity of the Festivals.  The sales of weapons, alcohol, e-cigarettes, or tobacco is prohibited.

Vendor Application Process

If you are an Artist with handmade product, please click here to be directed to the correct application.


We do not accept applications from LuLaRoe Representatives as we have a local one at this time.  We do not accept food applications from vendors who sell Kettle Korn, Pizza, Brats, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Coffees,  Ice  Cream, Smoothies/Slushies, and Lemonade.  Please do not call and ask if we will make an exception--we will not.



Thank you for considering vending at Strawberry Festival (SF).  We are currently accepting jury applications for our 2022 Strawberry Festival from Marketplace (Reseller), AG (Licensed Kitchen), Food, and local Non-Profits (supporting Ozaukee County only) vendors.  If you are interested in being considered as a vendor, please select the appropriate jury application below for the category you are interested in.


Deadline for submission is April 1.  The forms below are jury applications only. THEY ARE NOT CONTRACTS OR YOUR ACCEPTANCE INTO THE FESTIVAL. If accepted you will receive a contract in the mail or by email, if rejected you will receive notice via mail or by email around April 12.  DO NOT send in booth fees, only send in the $10 jury application fee.  After the deadline date and if we are not completely full, we will continue to accept applications until all available spaces are sold.

We do not accept email submissions in whole or part unless we specifically request it.   All submissions must be made through snail mail.  Questions?  Please contact Mackenzie at 262-377-3891 or



Commercial and service-based businesses are defined as home improvement and repair, landscape, service business, insurance, banking, healthcare, TV and phone services, resorts, salons, etc., and any other business type that is not directly related to arts and crafts.  Our festivals are art and craft venues so for your commercial or service-based business to participate in our event(s), you would need to enter as a sponsor. You are not a marketplace vendor.  For more information on becoming a festival sponsor and participating, please send an email to our office at​


The Festival Food Court is the main food court of the event.  It is located adjacent to the Cedarburg Community Center in the middle of downtown Cedarburg.  We do not accept food applications from vendors who sell Kettle Korn, Pizza, Brats, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Coffees, Ice Cream, Smoothies/Slushies, and Lemonade. CLICK HERE for Food Vendor Jury Application.


The Marketplace vendor is considered a retail reseller.  The AG category includes Licensed Kitchen Homemade products – i.e., cheese, cider, jams, honey, and baked goods, sauces, soaps, dips, pet foods, produce.  Service-based businesses are not considered a marketplace vendor.   We currently have two major marketplaces--one on Turner Street and one on Mill Street.  We have an additional small marketplace on Cleveland Avenue.  All marketplaces are right off the main avenue.  CLICK HERE for a Marketplace (Reseller) and AG (licensed kitchen homemade prepackaged items) Vendor Jury Application.


If you are a local non-profit interested in selling food, you must apply as a Food Vendor above.  You must provide proof of non-profit status with application.  We do not accept applications from direct cause-related organizations or political affiliations. Non-profits will be included in one of the three marketplaces listed above.  CLICK HERE for local (Ozaukee County only) Non-Profit vendor selling a product, providing a service or offering an activity that benefits the attendees.


If you have food products that are suited specifically for kids, please CLICK HERE for a Kid's Area Food application. All vendors in this category are placed in Cedar Creek Park on Portland Avenue where all children's activities take place.  



If your products are geared toward kids, this is the application for you.  All vendors in this category are placed in Cedar Creek Park on Portland Avenue where all children's activities take place. CLICK HERE for Kid's Area Marketplace or Amusement vendor Jury Application.