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Application Information for 2024

THIS FESTIVAL IS CURATED - The goal is to have a diverse offering of products with a solid mix of established vendors and new-to-the-scene vendors. It is also a goal to keep from over saturating any one category. We do have a new satellite marketplace location in Cedar Creek Park that can accommodate more vendors.


This application is for the following types of vendors:

MAKERS - those who handcraft their items such as candles, soaps, jewelry, spice mixes, farmers, food artisans etc. You should apply as VENDOR. You will be located on Turner Street and have a stay up booth overnight.


RESELLERS - those who have imported goods, wholesale, non-custom made items, direct sales, CBD, etc. You should check the application as a MARKETPLACE RESELLER. You will be located on Mill Street and have a stay up booth overnight. *Please note that we will only accept 30 resellers into the main festival this year. Cedar Creek Park will have more availability.

CEDAR CREEK PARK MARKETPLACE - this option is open to any type of vendor, artist, maker, food truck, or reseller. Cedar Creek Park is a highly sought after satellite location geared towards families, children, and those wanting a festival experience without being in the crowds. The park hosts kids activities, vendors, live music and plenty of food and drink, and restrooms all in a beautiful park setting. Booths are stay up overnight. 


STRAWBERRY ALLEY VENDOR - this option is open to any vendor/artist, food artisan, farmer (no food trucks) who have at least 50% strawberry theme focused items. Note that strawberry themed items did extremely well in 2023. Please click the Strawberry Alley option in the application. Booths are located on Columbia Ave and are TAKE DOWN Saturday night. You will have to reset up on Sunday morning starting at 7am, ready by 10am.


Vendors must be present on both Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, June 22 | 10am - 6pm 

Vendor load-in begins 7am, ready by 10am

Sunday June 23 | 10am - 5pm 

Vendor load-in begins 7am, ready by 10am


APPLICATION FEES - this is the only application for both 2024 festivals (Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival). There will not be another application later in the year!

  • $20 jury fee single festival application for Strawberry Festival or single Wine & Harvest Festival

  • $35 for BOTH Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival

  • Fees are due at the time of application and are Non-refundable. Applications will not be processed until jury fee is received. 

VENDOR BOOTH FEES  (does not include Food Trucks or Food Court vendors-please see tab under Applications)

  • Single Booth Fee: $275 - NOTE: Booths are NOT on Washington Ave. but on the side streets coming off of the avenue

  • $150 for Cedar Creek Park Marketplace   

  • Vendors can purchase up to three booths, based on space availability

  • Booth fees are nonrefundable. No exceptions made. 


BOOTH SPACES AND SETUP - NOTE: Booths will not be on Washington Avenue, however on side streets off the Avenue OR if you select to be in Cedar Creek Park

  • Single booth spaces are 10’ x 10’, double booth spaces are 10’ x 20, triple are 10’x30’. 

  • Tents larger than your selected booth area are not permitted.   

  • All booth spaces are on blacktop/cement unless otherwise indicated. 

  • All booths must be weighed down with a minimum 50lb weight per side. Vendors must supply their own weights (sandbags or water weights, not pole circular weights). Tent stakes will not work for booths as they are located on cement. FOC is not responsible for damaged or blown over tents.

  • Electricity is NOT available

  • Vendors must supply all of their own tents, tent walls, chairs, tables, etc. 

  • While specific booth spaces cannot be requested, every attempt will be made to honor previous participant booth location

  • No sharing of booth spaces is permitted

  • Load-in begins at 7am on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Vendors are to unload their vehicles and move vehicles off of the festival grounds BEFORE setting up their tent.

  • Vendors must be in their booths and set up by 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Booth permits are required to be posted and visible at all times in booth.

  • Parking is extremely limited. Street parking is available as well as paid lots surrounding the festival footprint. Artists are not permitted to park on the closed festival grounds.


Jan. 1st - Applications for artists, vendors, food vendors, entertainers are available online


March 15 - Jury  application deadline for Strawberry Festival and/or dual applicants (for both Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival)

March 22 - Notification of acceptance or rejection deadline for all Strawberry Festival only and dual applicants to both Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival

May 1 - Strawberry Festival contracts with booth payment and all forms due


May 15 - Strawberry Festival waitlist applicants notified 

May 24 - Strawberry Fest waitlist contracts due

June 1 - Jury application deadline for Wine & Harvest Festival only

Approx. June 3rd vendor tags mailed, load-in information emailed

June 15 - Notification of acceptance or rejection for Wine & Harvest Festival ONLY applicants

July 15 - Wine & Harvest Festival contracts with booth payment and all forms due


July 22 - Wine & Harvest Festival waitlist applicants notified

August 1 - Wine and Harvest WAITLIST contracts with booth payment and forms due

Approx. Sept 3 vendor tags and booth permits mailed, load-in information emailed for Wine and Harvest Festival


Festivals of Cedarburg welcomes applicants in the following categories to use this application to apply: makers, resellers, and Cedar Creek Park Marketplace vendors.


Festivals of Cedarburg reserves the right to refuse or reject an incomplete application, or any products we feel are not appropriate for the integrity of the Festivals. The sale of weapons, alcohol, or tobacco is prohibited. Decisions made by Festivals of Cedarburg staff are final. 



Please practice patience and understanding with everyone at this fun art and community festival. During set-up, the days of the event, and take-down, vendors are expected to behave respectfully toward all event staff, volunteers, their fellow vendors, and festival guests. If any vendor is observed to be disrespectful, Festivals of Cedarburg reserves the right to refuse participation in subsequent events. It is MANDATORY that each participant read and sign the Festivals of Cedarburg Code of Conduct in order to participate.


Applications submitted are reviewed by Festivals of Cedarburg. Selection is made based on a number of criteria when looking at vendor applications including quality of items, presentation, attractive booth set up, and price point. Exclusion can be including but not limited to: duplication (too many accepted vendors of similar product), space allowance, and if the vendors product doesn't fit with the festival atmosphere. Submissions that do not meet eligibility requirements (see Eligibility, above) will not be accepted.

Festivals of Cedarburg can accept upwards of 140 vendors to participate in each Strawberry Festival and Wine & Harvest Festival. Acceptance decisions are final. Up to 50 vendors may be waitlisted. Please refer to the important dates listed above. 

Four (4) digital images that accurately represent the products to be sold must be included with the vendor's online application form. Vendors must also submit one (1) booth image. Booth images are taken into account during the jury process.


Accepted vendor application images may be used for festival publicity purposes. All vendors will be credited if their images are used (vendors will be tagged if social media handles are provided in application).

Applicants who are accepted into the festivals are required to provide a completed Wisconsin Temporary Sales form and proof of event insurance with minimum coverage of $300,000. A SSN or FEIN is required of all participating applicants in compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Temporary Events Program. Artists not conforming to Wisconsin Department of Revenue regulations may not exhibit. Contracts cannot be processed until all required materials (contract, booth fee, tax form, proof of insurance, code of conduct) are received. 


We require a minimum of 300K insurance for your booth, you can check your home owner or renters insurance or you can get affordable temporary insurance:

Unless special arrangements have been made with Festivals of Cedarburg, correspondence (including acceptance) will be sent to the email address provided through the online application system. It is the responsibility of the vendor to check their email regularly. PLEASE notify Festivals of Cedarburg of changes to email addresses or contact info/mailing address. THIS IS IMPORTANT AS WE SEND BOOTH PERMITS VIA USPS MAIL.

Images submitted on application for jurying must be representative of the items exhibited at the festivals. During the festivals, Festivals of Cedarburg staff have the authority to require that any items deemed not consistent with the submitted material, ineligible (see Eligibility, above), or otherwise inappropriate, be put away.  

Per federal statute, the Festivals of Cedarburg is not liable for copyright infringement by artists, and it is the legal responsibility of every artist to comply with all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws.

Security is not specifically provided overnight. However, the Cedarburg Police Department patrols the festival grounds overnight. For this reason, it is imperative that artists display their COMPLETED vendor permit in their booth in case of an overnight emergency. Festivals of Cedarburg and its partner groups are not liable for vendor’s items or property. 

Per City of Cedarburg ordinance 7-14-1, Festivals Celebration Permit: Prohibition of Animals, pets are NOT allowed in the festival grounds or Cedar Creek park for special events. Non-service animals will be asked to leave the event.



The accepted vendor or vendor representative must be present both days of the festival and personally manage her or his booth. VENDORS CANNOT START PACKING UP BEFORE 5PM ON SUNDAY.

Once a vendor has accepted, no application or booth fee refunds will be granted for vendors who withdraw from the show. The event will be held rain or shine. In case of severe inclement weather, no refunds will be given.

FESTIVALS OF CEDARBURG is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization who's mission is to work toward sustaining a vital and healthy business and retail community by showcasing the city’s attributes, encouraging tourism, fostering civic, cultural, and educational interests.

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